How Long Should I Pray? by Pastor Melissa Scott

June 22, 2014 · Posted in Pastor Melissa Scott · Comments Off 

Now, I don’t think God gets excited over long prayers just
because they are long. If you’re going to pray for all the missionaries in
the world while I’m waiting to eat, I’m going to be eating before you get
done. I happen to believe some people never pray until they get a chance
to show their prayer off, and it’s obvious when they start praying. Some
people can zero in and hit it home in a stroke; they are there at the

I’m not suggesting a penance of long prayer. The issue is consecutive order. When you have tuned out the pressure of that outer court, and you have turned off human need and you’ve brought Him center stage in your attention, stay there a while. Minister to Him! Have you ever known those times when the Spirit begins to move in and you
lose all concept of time?    Stay there.