Am I Abiding in Him?

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That is what I ask of this church today: a band and a company of people who will settle for nothing less than genuine spirituality, who will ask themselves week after week, “Am I abiding in Him?”

We know, “He that saith he abideth in him ought himself also so to walk, even as he walked.” Analyze your commitment: does it match His?

If it doesn’t, then draw nigh.

Pastor Melissa Scott continues: Analyze your concern; if it doesn’t match His, then draw nigh to Him and renew the experience. Analyze your attitude about being a flowing light of the gospel and a flowing spring of His nature wherever your life, routines, and tedious detail take you. Analyze your dependence upon what other people do. Analyze your attitude toward the sinner. Analyze your motives. Do you come to church to be ministered to or do you live to minister?

Look at your humility; look at your own results among loved ones. For too long the church world has been running out bellowing with the mouth in little formulas of salvation.

We need to bring that ineffable nature of Jesus until those closest to us will wonder, “What’s made him different? He’s different every day.”

That is what spirituality is, and the Spirit came to be that in you and me if you give Him the chance.

The Pearl of Great Price by Pastor Melissa Scott

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Worthlessness, unworthiness. I feel unworthy every day that God would let me be a part of His creative work in the lives of men; unworthy as a vessel because “we have this treasure in earthen vessels.”  (2 Corinthians 4:7)

I feel as unworthy as Isaiah felt when he saw the Lord. (Isaiah 6:5) There was a time when I was silly enough to “volunteer” for God, when I was younger and wanted to do His work for Him. I think I’ve begun to understand what a wonder it is that God, who has angels to do His work, lets us do it. I’m not the only one who feels this way. When you really understand God, a sense of unworthiness comes, and the sin that God forever has to deal with most harshly is pride. You can’t even get through that barrier; but once God’s broken the barrier of pride, then the devil starts gathering his forces and would press the attack until we feel worthless.

Now, God never dealt with man with rose-tinted glasses. When Jesus came, He said that we were lepers, we were blind, we were sick in need of a physician. He came to seek and to save that which was lost. He said it is the sick who need a physician and to them He came. Again, I want the Word to penetrate individual hearts.

You can smile at the world, but down deep the devil has you on the defensive. So if you feel worthless in the place where you are, read the parables of Matthew 13, and know the context of those parables taught by Jesus. He teaches three parables: a treasure in a field, a pearl of great price, and fish in a net. He says the Kingdom is like this: there is a treasure in a field and the price paid is sufficient to buy the whole field, that you might get the treasure. For too long, I’ve heard “the pearl of great price” mistreated in theology.

That pearl of great price is not Jesus. A goodly merchant will sell everything he has to get the pearl of great price. And they will drag in the good fish along with the bad fish; because the good fish have the value, they can be sorted out later.

Where Does Unity in the Church Start? by Pastor Melissa Scott

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As we prayed for God to bring this church to unity, unity starts with you. It doesn’t start with your brother. It doesn’t start with a member of your family.

It starts with  you.

You can always tell when God is really on the scene. The presence of God so overpowers that the true saints of God can only say what Isaiah said, “Woe is me; I am undone!” When that Spirit comes you will ask yourself, “What are you trying to do to me, God?” And like Rutherford, the old saint, you will say, “Thank God for the hammer; thank God for the file; thank God for the fire.” You can get mad at that iron hammerhead that hits you until you recognize God might have His hand on the handle.

Are you ready to let Him do with you what He wants? Or do you really think you’ve got all of Christ flowing through you that can come out? I don’t think anybody thinks that. Are you flinching on the wheel?

Why don’t you quit looking at the wheel and look up at His hand that is shaping you. I am not here to just preach words today. These are great  days for the people of God. As Clara Grace used to say, “God is building a beautiful thing with His church and He is not finished yet.”

God has a right to show off, and He is going to show off. A selfwilled favorite of God, the crowning cherub on the hill of God, looked in the mirror one day and became lifted up in pride and took a third of Heaven with him as he rebelled against God. Someone has said God is going to fill that vacuum in Heaven with the song of the redeemed, and one day He will put on display the sons of God until all the universe can know God doesn’t fail when He says something, “Let us make man in our image.”

That is what Christianity is all about. If you are here with a sense of failure, join the team. In the Old Testament it was tough. In the New Testament our Potter bought the whole field of broken vessels that He might start over with you.