Picture of Jeremiah by Pastor Melissa Scott

December 15, 2011 · Posted in Pastor Melissa Scott 

He outlives five dynasties of kings and rulers. And this poor man gets – I think he got a bad rap. In my opinion he got a bad deal. He gets labeled “the weeping prophet” because he writes a book called Lamentations. But he was tough. He was tough. Nothing could break his spirit. They put him in a pit, he’s sinking; what does he do? He says, “I’m going to send money to buy back a field, my inheritance” a field in Anathoth. That picture to say there’ll be hope; although everything looks terrible right now, there’ll be hope: we’ll return to that land again prosperous. What happens when you read in the latter part of Jeremiah when they’re burning the scroll? That insidious picture. Jeremiah just goes and writes another one. He just – he has a scribe and they go write another one.

That’s okay. They burnt that one. Let’s go make another one. He had a never say die, I will not quit, I will not give up. The people come to him and say, “Speak Jeremiah, give us a word.” And he speaks a word and they go do the opposite. And he has to go with them and watch them do the opposite. This picture of Jeremiah that God takes to the potter’s house is one – and I’m only going to give you – actually there are more references in the Bible than just Jeremiah.

Pastor Melissa Scott tells us that we have the reference of Isaiah who makes mention of the potter’s house. And Isaiah who has a huge prophetic voice that announces the coming the child, Immanuel, announces the prophesy of Isaiah 53 the suffering servant messiah to come. He speaks of the potter’s house. And of course Paul, quoting right out of Isaiah in the 9th chapter. Paul – all of these men, tough, rough characters of God.


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