The Prosperity Of Egypt by Pastor Melissa Scott

December 1, 2011 · Posted in Pastor Melissa Scott 

Now I’m going to fail miserably if I don’t paint this picture right. I’m not interested in coming and regurgitating what I’ve put into my brain for the week. This is something that’s heavy on my heart. If people can really recognize when we read this passage, “Thou shall remember thou wast a slave in the land of Egypt” and Egypt representing the world. We always have Egypt as a type of sin, representing the world. Its whole focus, it was like a vortex, if you were in Egypt, you served that black hole that sucked the people in. And it was for the furtherment, the betterment, the prosperity of Egypt. Not for the people. They’d be the greatest army; they’d be the greatest civilization. You look at their culture and their culture revolves around, they build these great structures, for the most part, burial structures. Their claim to fame outside of those structures, The Book of the Dead.

Pastor Melissa Scott it is, if you understand where I’m going, it is a strange world that catered to itself so lavishly and didn’t care about the atrocities of the people along the way. When we talk about those people, of whom we are; we’re born in Adam, we make the jump to see that we’re no different than these people who were born in Egypt in bondage. If you and I look at Moses, Moses was born in that element of bondage. When we talk about calling and election, and I’m going to use the predestinated word when we talk about those things as doctrines. We tend to forget Moses was, he was chosen; he was called out from among others that weren’t to do a specific job. Spared the baby in that basket. Spared, raised up in the palace. And at the right time, God quickened Moses’ Spirit. He was chosen, he was called but the switch that illuminated the spirit-man had not yet been pulled. God did not yet illuminate. So when he looked down at his then knowing brethren being slayed or the whip raised to be slain, he looked upon that and it was at that moment that he couldn’t bare to see that happen. There was something that was opened in him, the spirit-person.


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