God’s Artistry by Pastor Melissa Scott

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Now the process, the process, this is what, this is like I said my favorite part. Some, some of us don’t really believe that this is a life application. How are you or I going to become more Christ-like if I keep staying in my little box? God calls us chooses us out from among others He didn’t choose and God’s artistry. You take a look take a look at the people; I started to say, that He picks. Take a look at David. David’s a child, a young man tending sheep. And I love this about David because David embodies everything you need to know about the life of a believer emphasized ten times, twenty times, a hundred times over. Not perfect: adulterer, murderer, king, victorious, running for cover to the cave Adullam.

Pastor Melissa Scott tells us that now everybody wants to be king without having the cave Adullam experiences, because that’s part of your wheel. All those cave Adullam experiences with all those crazy things, that was part of his becoming the man he was. Yes he was a man after God’s own heart. And I love this. When David says, “Who am I? Who am I what you would bring me here? That you would visit me? Who am I and what is my house?” Likewise, the same concept; God didn’t bring David to a potter’s house but the application’s still beautiful. And David transformed from tentative, “I might make it, kind of” to, “I’m there. I will trust in the Lord.”

The Book of Ephesians by Pastor Melissa Scott

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Now open your Bibles to the Book of Galatians and then when you get there go to the next book. Most of you know what the book is. For all the people that don’t have a Bible I guess you don’t have to worry, right. The Book of Ephesians.

Pastor Melissa Scott tells us that those of you that watch, that are watching on the Internet, that watch at home. We use the King James Bible. We make corrections, but it is still the best that we have. Many people call and say, “What book is that?” Well it’s the Bible. That’s the first starting point. But the second thing is we’re using the King James. Now we have been kind of charging through the book. And I don’t know, maybe five years from now we’ll come back and I’ll say let’s do it all over again, we’ll go through the book all over again as we grow together and we cull or dig new areas of the Bible together that we have not; you may have traveled there before; but we have not together. Now I’m not going to stay here long. I’m going to focus on three verses only. Narrow it down to one. We’ll look at something quickly and go somewhere else. Like the beach or something, okay? All right. So verse 8 – I’m just trying to wake a few of you up. You might have already left me.

“For,” verse 8; chapter 2, verse 8, “For by grace ye are saved through faith, and that not of yourselves; it is the gift of God: not of works, lest any man should boast. For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus unto good works, which God hath before ordained that we should walk in them.”

Picture of Jeremiah by Pastor Melissa Scott

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He outlives five dynasties of kings and rulers. And this poor man gets – I think he got a bad rap. In my opinion he got a bad deal. He gets labeled “the weeping prophet” because he writes a book called Lamentations. But he was tough. He was tough. Nothing could break his spirit. They put him in a pit, he’s sinking; what does he do? He says, “I’m going to send money to buy back a field, my inheritance” a field in Anathoth. That picture to say there’ll be hope; although everything looks terrible right now, there’ll be hope: we’ll return to that land again prosperous. What happens when you read in the latter part of Jeremiah when they’re burning the scroll? That insidious picture. Jeremiah just goes and writes another one. He just – he has a scribe and they go write another one.

That’s okay. They burnt that one. Let’s go make another one. He had a never say die, I will not quit, I will not give up. The people come to him and say, “Speak Jeremiah, give us a word.” And he speaks a word and they go do the opposite. And he has to go with them and watch them do the opposite. This picture of Jeremiah that God takes to the potter’s house is one – and I’m only going to give you – actually there are more references in the Bible than just Jeremiah.

Pastor Melissa Scott tells us that we have the reference of Isaiah who makes mention of the potter’s house. And Isaiah who has a huge prophetic voice that announces the coming the child, Immanuel, announces the prophesy of Isaiah 53 the suffering servant messiah to come. He speaks of the potter’s house. And of course Paul, quoting right out of Isaiah in the 9th chapter. Paul – all of these men, tough, rough characters of God.

God As The Archer by Pastor Melissa Scott

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We have to learn about this. This hamartia was not what Adam did, what they call his transgression, but by his act, he introduced this, which was never in the world before: hamartia. Missing the mark was never there before because God, picture God as the archer. Pshew. He hits the mark all the time. It wasn’t there before so as a byproduct of Adam’s transgression, this enters in. And I know some of you are saying, “Well, tell me more.” You’re going to have to hang around for me to tell you more. I just want to kind of touch on this and make a couple of points and then we’ll move on.

According to Pastor Melissa Scott thatPaul is brilliant because he knows that when we’re in a state, a darkened mind state, the light could shine on you, which many times it did. It shone on me many times, but it wasn’t the time, as I used the analogy of Moses. It wasn’t yet the time and the scripture says, “I due time” many times. “In due time” God illuminates that which was darkened. Here he’s saying, “This is the condition we were all in.” “Wherein in time past ye walked according to the course of this world, according to the prince of the power of the air.” Let me read through this first, “the spirit that now worketh in the children of disobedience: among whom also we all” – not you guys over there in the corner – “we all had our” – the King James reads, “conversation in times past in the lusts of our flesh, fulfilling the desires of the flesh and of the mind; and were by nature the children of wrath, even as others.

The Prosperity Of Egypt by Pastor Melissa Scott

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Now I’m going to fail miserably if I don’t paint this picture right. I’m not interested in coming and regurgitating what I’ve put into my brain for the week. This is something that’s heavy on my heart. If people can really recognize when we read this passage, “Thou shall remember thou wast a slave in the land of Egypt” and Egypt representing the world. We always have Egypt as a type of sin, representing the world. Its whole focus, it was like a vortex, if you were in Egypt, you served that black hole that sucked the people in. And it was for the furtherment, the betterment, the prosperity of Egypt. Not for the people. They’d be the greatest army; they’d be the greatest civilization. You look at their culture and their culture revolves around, they build these great structures, for the most part, burial structures. Their claim to fame outside of those structures, The Book of the Dead.

Pastor Melissa Scott it is, if you understand where I’m going, it is a strange world that catered to itself so lavishly and didn’t care about the atrocities of the people along the way. When we talk about those people, of whom we are; we’re born in Adam, we make the jump to see that we’re no different than these people who were born in Egypt in bondage. If you and I look at Moses, Moses was born in that element of bondage. When we talk about calling and election, and I’m going to use the predestinated word when we talk about those things as doctrines. We tend to forget Moses was, he was chosen; he was called out from among others that weren’t to do a specific job. Spared the baby in that basket. Spared, raised up in the palace. And at the right time, God quickened Moses’ Spirit. He was chosen, he was called but the switch that illuminated the spirit-man had not yet been pulled. God did not yet illuminate. So when he looked down at his then knowing brethren being slayed or the whip raised to be slain, he looked upon that and it was at that moment that he couldn’t bare to see that happen. There was something that was opened in him, the spirit-person.