The word for “forgiveness” by Pastor Melissa Scott

August 25, 2011 · Posted in Uncategorized 

The qana is what you paid. We have here this word, and I’m going to phonetically write it so you can see it, porqana, being translated “redemption.” And in the redemption, qana, part of what is already inside the redemption is the price paid. So I like the Syriac because it encapsulates the whole thing. Which is what? What is the price paid? “In his blood” or “the blood of Him.” You’re going to love this: shubqana. You know that word in the Hebrew, shub: “to turn from… to.” It’s right here, shubqana, when it says, “we have to us the redemption in his blood, forgiveness.”

The word for “forgiveness” being used here: shubqana. There’s something about this word that doesn’t cut it for “forgiveness.” Forgiveness: that’s something we should all learn about. This is Dictionary of Word Origins, by John Ayto, pilfered from my husband’s library. The word forgive, from the Old English forgiefan, is what is known technically as a calque or a loan translation. That is, it was created by taking the component parts of a foreign word, translating them literally, and then putting them back together to form a new word.


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