The Price by Pastor Melissa Scott

August 25, 2011 · Posted in Pastor Melissa Scott 

I tried to find the best sources; I looked through every single source to find a picture analogy, and the best one that I can come up with is this: if you remember before automobiles, none of us remember that, but before automobiles – horse and buggy, and they’d go through roads that were muddy and mucky and the wheels would get stuck in the groove of the mud and they’d spin. They wouldn’t be able to get out if it was deep enough. This is the picture meaning for this, how we go in our life, those paths of mud that we fall into. We are not even realizing they’re there as we go.

It is part of our journey. But it sits under that canopy of hamartia. And please don’t let anybody start to define what sins are. I can tell you I’m the most sinful person in the whole universe. Please don’t try to define what it is. You’ll have to put a picture of me beside the word.

By the way, the Syriac does the same thing. Let’s go through it. I have time to do it. This word we have here, the same behe da, so da, this “d” representing “into” or “what for,” “in whom,” “in him.” This here, ait and lan, if you follow the languages, they’re all pretty much interconnected here. We have “to us” and this word here, you’ll recognize that word I just said when I said qana, which is “the price,” what is paid to get something when you go to redeem it.


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