Preach the Gospel by Pastor Melissa Scott

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Pastor Melissa Scott Teaching from the Bible


We have the story of the widow and Jesus says these people they just cast in their abundance, she gave all that she had, she gave of her sustenance. She had two, she gave what she had. Now I am not telling you that that is what you ought to do – you need to give everything. I’m telling you the spirit in which she gave it. And hear very carefully. There’s going to be people who are going to misinterpret what I am saying. The spirit in which she gave it. Now let me step away from money for a minute to make my point crystal clear so no one will say “Well are you trying to say this?”

Back to my husband because it’s the greatest analogy I can think of. I gave of myself 100% unconditionally. I would be somewhere across town. In fact I hate to tell you this, it’s a little bit embarrassing. I’d be somewhere across town with pieces of foil in my hair sitting at the hairdresser. And he’d call and say “How quickly can you be here?” You know with the temptation to just get out of the chair with the foil on your head and go out the door. We used to have an expression, “Be there with bells on” because he’d call me and some of you folks I might have passed you by on the freeway some ten years ago. I might have been like a blur – pshhh! Get out of my way. But it was unconditional. He would call, I’d be there. No strings attached. And that was our love relationship. No strings attached.

Pastor Melissa Scott tells us that the widow’s mite, she gave not like the others who had an abundance. You have Matthew 26, the woman with the alabaster box. And I don’t understand why we have problems with people, if people would just step out and talk about these things the way they occurred. Jesus said “Wherever you preach the Gospel also tell about what this woman did as a memorial” in remembrance of what she did. She didn’t take of this ointment and say “Well I’m going to hold back a bit” or “here I’ll give you fifty per cent of what’s in here.” She gave it all. You heard the response, “Why this waste?” “Why trouble the woman? She’s done a good work. Leave her alone,” the spirit in which she gave. It’s always coming back to the same thing.

God’s way by Pastor Melissa Scott

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Now before I knew or understood about the Bible I was doing something that’s very Biblical. Dr. Scott would have a very large entourage around him and I would refuse to push myself to the front of the line. I always took the backseat, the worst seat, the worst place and it would always be “Where are you? Come on up here get beside me.” But I didn’t do it for that reason. I didn’t even understand or know that was in the Bible. I just did it. It was, and I didn’t do it because I thought that by putting myself at the end I’d get to go first. And my reward, if you want to call it that, was I always got put up front.

I always took the worst, going on bike ride? take the worst bicycle. Let somebody else have the better one, I have strong legs I can do it and I’d always get the best bike. There are principles that some heathen may outperform the Christians. And the Christians in the Christian realm think they are giving to God when in fact all they’re doing is what I call ‘double-dipping.’ “Now I can give this much money to the Church and I can write it off.”

Pastor Melissa Scott tells us that giving to the Church, giving God’s way is not an act of self-continuity. It’s not a debate to your giving to a charity the church is not a charity. If I could lay any foundation on what my husband has already taught I would say tuition – tuition and merchandise. Tuition: you go to school, you enroll in a class, believe you me you want to go to a good school you’re going to pay for it. Your education, you’re not going to get it for free and even when it’s free it’s never free. Think about that. Merchandise: a retailer, a wholesaler, anybody doing business will take the goods, the cost of goods, now I’m going turn around and resell it. I have to have my markup, this is my cost counted in here, the loss factor.