The Passover by Pastor Melissa Scott

September 28, 2010 · Posted in Pastor Melissa Scott 

Pastor Melissa Scott Teaching from the Bible

Pastor Melissa Scott Teaching from the Bible


They do not understand about the Passover. What was the point? The point was: do this in faith and obedience. Apply the blood to the doorpost; the death angel will pass over. They think Passover now a days, these people that celebrate Passover and all it is, is a big smorgasbord of food. They have their – it’s the festive book, I think they call it a Hagadah or something like that where they read it and it’s just food. It’s a party. Oh they remember what happened but it’s far different than the early Passover.

Pastor Melissa Scott tells us that early Passover that was done, if they did it in obedience; put the blood on the doorposts. and eat the roasted lamb which God said ‘do this and be clothed, and be ready to go staff in hand, loins girded, shoes on your feet, ready to go. You’re going to be delivered from bondage in this act of faith. And how silly we are as creatures to not recognize when we go to those elements that’s what’s happening. He already did it! We’re remembering the act that He did. We don’t have to make it some new symbolism each time.

Go from that place, the Exodus and you move forward and you see the priests now set up in this Levitical code. The priests had to be sanctified and cleaned and atonement had to be made for the priest and then, before he could offer. And of course the two goats: one for God, one to be offered to God and one where the hands were laid on and after all the sins of the people were laid on it, the scapegoat out into the wilderness. Good-bye sins of the people. Dismissed. Now we’re okay for another year. Which probably produced a lot of people in the visage of antinomianism: basically the license to do whatever you want because it’s going to be atoned for anyways so just go ahead and sin all the more.


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