Christ was the Word by Pastor Melissa Scott

September 15, 2010 · Posted in Pastor Melissa Scott 

The Greek version of the Hebrew text “kai doso soy ethnay tain klaronomian… Haimanas autous en robdo sidara hos skeuos karamos sontriphas autos.” What does it say? I’m going to read the English. I’ve already put it for you. But kai – you can film over here over my shoulder so I’m not blocking the view – ‘and I will give you’ – and I’m going to; in fact I’m going to circle this because it’s important – ‘I’m going to give you’ – Psalm 2 is technically pre-Christ.

Pastor Melissa Scott tells us that Christ was the Word and in the beginning was the Word but for the sake of the Bible. So if we’re taking this as a Messianic Psalm and we’re reading this we’d be reading in the context of what God is going to give to the Son. Right? Right. Thank you for agreeing. “And I will give you” – soy – “the nations” – really in this use ‘the gentiles’ – “as an inheritance” – your inheritance “you will shepherd them” – “you will shepherd them” – “you will shepherd them” – I put “with/ in or “with a rod of iron” – this is dative: ‘to’ or ‘for.’ Now let me just finish this “as the vessel or pot ceramic of a potter you will shatter them.”

I ┬áchecked the Hebrew out. The Hebrew had one little interesting factoid, which, was the Mazaretic text people always did this. Anytime there was a potential of reading that this might be Jesus they changed some of the vowel points so to make it disappear. So there’s a couple of interesting things. But the one thing that stood out is they refer to this ‘rod of iron’ as the ‘scepter.’ And I began to look up the uses, the many uses. And it looks like three main uses as ‘the rod of shepherd,’ ‘as the staff for a priest’ – not the like we’ve come to know batach but the staff of a priest and ‘the scepter of a king’ which covers all of Christ’ offices, which I love so well. But let me go back and do this again because I want to make emphasis on something.


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