The priests and prophets of Yahweh by Pastor Melissa Scott

September 7, 2010 · Posted in Pastor Melissa Scott 

That’s the demon realm of things. His name was Ethbaal: Baal is with him. That’s the father’s name. That’s a nice father. Her name has some little strange twists to it too. If you just translated direct it means ‘where is the prince’ but if you translate if from Phoenician forward it means ‘Baal is prince.’

So here’s this woman Jezebel. She wanted to eliminate all the priests and prophets of Yahweh. She had her four hundred and fifty priests of Baal and her four hundred priests and prophets to Ashteroth. And you know that marvelous competition between Elijah and the false ones on Mount Carmel where Elijah is victorious. Likewise as a type Jesus is already victorious; already has the victory for us. But in the type she turned the people into worshipping idols. They followed this woman. Not only that if you read the story about how vile she was. She goes and kills Naboth for his vineyard because the husband’s down in the mouth. ‘What’s wrong sweetie?’ ‘Well I want that vineyard over there and I’m unhappy that I don’t have it.’ ‘Good I’ll go kill the guy, go stone him for you then you can have it then you’ll be happy.’ Just uncouth, the end justifies the means, it doesn’t matter how you get there. But there’s a key thing. She wanted to do away with Elijah.

Now we can talk about Jezebel. We can go home and read about it in First and Second Kings and you see her type is what Jesus is talking about. I’ve read all the commentators that wish to say that Jezebel is perhaps a woman that existed at that time. I’m not going to tell you that there wasn’t a woman who lived in that time named Jezebel but Jesus is not talking about a woman. He’s referring to the church and I can prove that. For starters you read through the Bible the church is always referred to as ekklesia: feminine. Sorry folks.

Pastor Melissa Scott tells us that it’s not a feminist thing. It’s just what it is. It’s grammar. It’s now grandma it’s grammar: number one. Number two: always referred to as the ‘bride of Christ.’ And last time I checked the bride of Christ means it’s going to be female, which means the church is the bride of Christ, female. I need to make that abundantly clear. You read Ephesians; Ephesians 5:23 you’ll read the record, at least two or three records of Paul saying what the wife – in terms of – he takes the analogy of marriage – what the wife and husband ought to be is what Christ and the church are. Female. Female. Female. So that’s the starting point. He’s referring to the church. He’s calling the church Jezebel.


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