The Christians by Pastor Melissa Scott

August 30, 2010 · Posted in Pastor Melissa Scott 

How could Jesus say this? Because If you follow the page of history all of the way through, at the very beginning it’s hard to believe it but go back to Saul, what was Saul? He was a Jewish man of Roman citizenship who went and what did he do? He persecuted the Christians, not hard to believe. Then he gets converted, Damascus road experience. Now he’s Paul of Tarsus proclaimer of the good news but until then and then after what you have is a change in history.

So first from the day of Pentecost here’s Christianity just spreading out and people are getting converted left and right until the Apostolic age when things start to wane down. It says you’ve lost your first love, starts to wane down. You’ve abandoned where you used to be. Now in the church martyrdom, something’s gone on here. Those people that profess to be something are not. Those people that stepped out and said whatever it was they were proclaiming, they couldn’t be because what happened was the force of the Jewish people took up so strongly against the Christians, This is history, this is not out of my mouth or my mind.

Pastor Melissa Scott tells us that this is history. Hard to believe that so many hundred years later we’d have a complete reversal.  Anybody who denies that the holocaust occurred I’ve been to the concentration camps.  I’ve seen what is left of what stands.  When I was in Israel in fact in a kibbutz, I saw people that had tattoos on their arms, holocaust survivors.  Don’t tell me it didn’t happen.  Don’t tell me slavery didn’t happen.  It happened.  History records it, disgraceful as it is.   It happened.

This too happened. A lot of people want to deny things and say well that was back then. You don’t have to carry the burden because you didn’t do it.  But don’t forget what happened. That makes it part of not happening again.


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