The Book of Acts by Pastor Melissa Scott

July 30, 2010 · Posted in Pastor Melissa Scott 

Pastor Melissa Scott tells us that it is a miracle that this Church ever came to be. Now I want you to think of that because when we get in to the Seven Churches and discussing the church at Ephesus, one has to ask a question what Paul fought so hard to set up, and did, and then years later we encounter John who is the pastor, and we know Timothy pastored there, and we know Apollo pastored there; the many different people that pastored there how could this Church just disappear, just die out and disappear? It doesn’t make any sense, and yet if you understand what Jesus warns in the writing of Revelation, warns what’s going to happen if they don’t change their ways.

So we’re going to get to that, I hope we’re going to get to that today, but I want us to start off with looking at the 12th verse in the 1st chapter. Let me also say that, in passing, once you get to know a little bit about all of these places we’re looking at, each place has made a contribution to our society somehow. Remember in the book of Acts you read, where there’s a conflict between Paul and the fellow who makes the little trinkets, the little things that they would sell in the temple, that’s just, they would buy these little trinkets, attach them to their wrist or to their neck or to their boat or whatever for good luck, for protection.

Theology has been contaminated by these paganistic rituals. I’m only interested in what Jesus said and the development of what Jesus said through the disciples down the road till Paul. Once we get into the councils and the creeds of the Church. The whole reason why the councils and creeds came to be is because there was so much stuff creeping into the Church they had to once and for all set a creed that said, “Let’s do away with this.”

And then a creed becomes this box we have to check for our religiosity. Not so! Jesus didn’t have any creeds other than “When you pray, say this prayer; a new commandment that you love one another.” I mean, we need to be smart about what we read and not get conned into things that are not part of our belief system, what has been set before us. It’s pretty harsh words, but that’s the way it is.


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