Divine Manifestation by Pastor Melissa Scott

July 23, 2010 · Posted in Pastor Melissa Scott 

You’d go on and on and on and on with 4, but I really want to get to 7. And for 7 we have to go into my Bible, which has the wide margins. Why? Because every part of it has something penned there. If 3 is the number of divine manifestation, the heaven lies, and 4 is the number of the whole earth, then you have in 7 the earth crowned with the heaven lies, the heavenly divine manifestation in government over the earth makes 7, and when you do likewise and multiply it, it makes 12. Wow, okay. But in 7, which is the number that is so heavily laden in Revelation you cannot go past the first chapter without encountering 7. Seven Spirits; 7 churches; what else do we have, 7 golden candlesticks. We have a lot of 7′s just in the first go-round, 7 stars. What is this going to do for you? It’s going to make you understand that it’s not, when people say 7 is the number of completeness, which it is, and sometimes it’s the number of perfection, sometimes, but it’s also the number of rest, Sabbath.

Let me read these to you. Starting at the beginning, starting at the beginning of the Bible. Do you know how many 7′s are in the Bible? Okay, here we go. The Sabbath, the beginning of the book, 7 days in Genesis; the Sabbath rest, Exodus 22 – I’m not even going to give you the Scriptural references – an animal couldn’t be sacrificed until it was at least 7 days old.

We have the Feast of Unleavened Bread 7 days; we have the 7-fold sprinkling of the blood used on the Day of Atonement; Noah entered the Ark 7 days; Jacob worked 7 years for Rachel; Jacob bowing 7 times before Esau; Pharaoh’s 7 years of plenty and 7 of famine; 7 days, 7 trumpets around Jericho; Solomon’s Temple 7 years. I don’t think I need to go through the whole spiel with you, you get the idea and most of you read your Bible.

Pastor Melissa Scott shows us that it’s not just your coffee table cup holder place, so I don’t have to go really too far in that. So when we get to the numbers in here, I mean things that are so commonly taken for granted for, we see Jesus walking among what the King James reads “The candlesticks” which is terrible because there were not candlesticks, in those days there were lamps with oil 7-prong, walking between 7 candlesticks with 7 prongs, the number 49 which is going to mean something, it’s obviously the 7 weeks after the Passover before Pentecost. There are so many symbolic meanings in here that it’s like “Whew, time out.”


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