The Gods by Pastor Melissa Scott

July 16, 2010 · Posted in Pastor Melissa Scott 

Those who denied being Christians now or in the past, I thought it necessary to release since they invoked our gods according to the formula I gave them,” that’s scary, “and since they offered sacrifices of wine and incense before your image (to the emperor), which I had brought in for this purpose, along with statues of our gods, (plural). I also had them curse Christ. It is said the real Christians cannot be forced to do any of these things. Other charges by this accusation at first admitted that they once had been Christians but had already renounced it. They had been in fact Christians and had given it up.” They never were if they did. “Some of them, 3 years ago, some even earlier, some as far back as 25 years ago.

All of these worshipped your image and statues of the gods and cursed Christ. They verified however that their entire guilt or error consisted in the fact that on specified day before sunrise, they were accustomed to gather and sing hymns to Christ as their God and to pledge themselves by oath to not engage in any crime, but abstain from all thievery, assault, adultery, and to not break their word once they’d given it, and to not refuse to pay their legal debts.” That’s why they were punished. “They then went in their separate ways, came together later to eat a common meal; ordinary, harmless food.

Pastor Melissa Scott tells us that they discontinued even this practice in accordance with my edict by which I had forbidden political association in accord with your instructions. I consider it all the more necessary to obtain by torture a confession of the truth of two female slaves who call themselves deaconess’. I found nothing more vulgar; excessive superstition,” period. “I thus adjure further hearings, in order to seek counsel from you. The matter seems to me in good need of counsel, especially in view of the large number of accused.

For many of every age, class and both sexes are in danger of prosecution both now and in the future. The plague of this superstition has spread not only to the cities but villages and countrysides, but I believe a stop can be made and a remedy provided.” By the way, the same demon that inhabited the mind of Adolph Hitler lived in this mind. “In any case, it is now quite clear that the temples, almost deserted previously are gradually gaining more and more visitors. The long neglected sacred festivals are gaining regular observation and the sacrificial meat for which buyers have been hard to find is again being purchased.


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