The Generations of Noah by Pastor Melissa Scott

July 9, 2010 · Posted in Pastor Melissa Scott 

I am just going to read them, and not write them, to you. Here we have the Greek, gracia, the Spanish gracia; we have the French grace; they all, even the Latin, where is the Latin I am looking for gratiam. They all say ‘grace.’ It’s not… we need to be able to make a definition between ‘favor’ and ‘grace’ because I could find ‘favor’ with you; I could go and find ‘favor’ with someone but with God ‘grace must find me.’ I am entering a sphere of ‘unmerited favor.’ This is probably a subject we could exhaust for a very, very long time. I don’t do it justice to just jump over it, but I want to make the point quickly and move on.

Pastor Melissa Scott tells us that the Greek: “Noah de yuri, charin” – there is your word for grace charin before kurio tou theo and we have an anomaly here; this is from the Septuagint text. We have an anomaly; that is, the Hebrew text only reads “Yahweh; the Septuagint reads “LORD God; and the Coptic followed suit with this “LORD God; and this word here ney for ‘mercy’ or ‘pity,  and not ‘grace.’ This is the same you can see: Noah de but or and; “And Noah, he found…” the Coptic Boheric and so on. You can see the parallels from the Septuagint to the Boheric, same thing. They all have the common denominator to show ‘grace.’

The problem is when we read the text, we read: “Noah found grace in the eyes of the LORD.” I wish the King James would have put this as ‘Grace found Noah’ because as we looked last week ‘grace’ was before the law was. And oft times this is just passed over. What did he do? What did Noah do to be singled out? “Many are called, few are chosen.” What did Noah do to deserve being called and finding ‘grace’? He did nothing.

Now a lot of people want to bend the text, and listen, it says “These are the generations of Noah: Noah was a just man” – sedeqa I am sure you are familiar with that word, so I need to kind of get the frame of reference here. It’s not that he was a ‘just man, if you could get the analogy or the frame of reference he was a ‘right man’ and he was not perfect in his generations because there was never a perfect person. He was as ‘goodly’ or as ‘right a person’ for this evil time he lived in.

Now I could just pluck this out and say this could be the text for today. It’s not. That you could be as good a person without thinking about law or ‘do or don’t do, for the time you live in. In other words nowadays we would say, “Well you do the best you can” as a type. Noah was not engaging in whatever was going on that was so bad, so he was as good as he could be for his time. But here is the most important line of all, “Noah walked with God.” There is only one other person before him that did it and that’s Enoch.


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