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July 2, 2010 · Posted in Pastor Melissa Scott 

That being true, the same spirit that brought a person to Christ, like myself, that same spirit is operating for healing and no one can say any differently because then we fall into this category “well I believe God but only for certain things.” Pastor Melissa Scott tells us that if you’re that type of a believer I can tell you, you fit into the category of lukewarm. Let me show you something. This sentence here “blind, to set at liberty them that are bruised”, they just added it in. If you look at your piece of paper there I left a blank space, missing from the text and I underlined and said, “This is not in the text.” Because this is not in the text “to set at liberty them that are bruised.” It’s just not in the text. Does it lessen God’s word? Absolutely not.

This is why, I thought, I have to do this but I don’t want somebody saying “Well then how do we know about the rest of God’s word? Believe you me, if you’ve been around you know that if there’s some error we’re going to find it, we’re going to fix it and everybody’s going to say “Well this is what the Scripture says. Now I can stand firm on what God has revealed to us.”

Here we have the word for, I’m just going to skip ahead because I’m going to run short of time, we have this word here that is the word being translated “blind.” That word does mean blind with no sight, no natural sight. But it has a double meaning, spiritually blind. Why do I say that? Again, I’ve looked, I’ve researched it so you’re just going to have to take my word, it has a two fold meaning because of the word that comes after it, anablespsin. Ana, upward. Remember the word analusios to release upward. Here’s that prefix, up and this word here at the middle blespsin from blespoe to see, to see upward, to look upward.

So we have here giving sight to the blind but looking upward. The word, this word here is used of smoke, cloud in your vision. It is opaqueness of vision, not necessarily to have complete loss of sight. It is spiritual eyesight.  Giving eyesight and if you want to put it on blind eyes, spiritually or naturally, lifted up.


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