The Book of Acts by Pastor Melissa Scott

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Pastor Melissa Scott tells us that it is a miracle that this Church ever came to be. Now I want you to think of that because when we get in to the Seven Churches and discussing the church at Ephesus, one has to ask a question what Paul fought so hard to set up, and did, and then years later we encounter John who is the pastor, and we know Timothy pastored there, and we know Apollo pastored there; the many different people that pastored there how could this Church just disappear, just die out and disappear? It doesn’t make any sense, and yet if you understand what Jesus warns in the writing of Revelation, warns what’s going to happen if they don’t change their ways.

So we’re going to get to that, I hope we’re going to get to that today, but I want us to start off with looking at the 12th verse in the 1st chapter. Let me also say that, in passing, once you get to know a little bit about all of these places we’re looking at, each place has made a contribution to our society somehow. Remember in the book of Acts you read, where there’s a conflict between Paul and the fellow who makes the little trinkets, the little things that they would sell in the temple, that’s just, they would buy these little trinkets, attach them to their wrist or to their neck or to their boat or whatever for good luck, for protection.

Theology has been contaminated by these paganistic rituals. I’m only interested in what Jesus said and the development of what Jesus said through the disciples down the road till Paul. Once we get into the councils and the creeds of the Church. The whole reason why the councils and creeds came to be is because there was so much stuff creeping into the Church they had to once and for all set a creed that said, “Let’s do away with this.”

And then a creed becomes this box we have to check for our religiosity. Not so! Jesus didn’t have any creeds other than “When you pray, say this prayer; a new commandment that you love one another.” I mean, we need to be smart about what we read and not get conned into things that are not part of our belief system, what has been set before us. It’s pretty harsh words, but that’s the way it is.

Divine Manifestation by Pastor Melissa Scott

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You’d go on and on and on and on with 4, but I really want to get to 7. And for 7 we have to go into my Bible, which has the wide margins. Why? Because every part of it has something penned there. If 3 is the number of divine manifestation, the heaven lies, and 4 is the number of the whole earth, then you have in 7 the earth crowned with the heaven lies, the heavenly divine manifestation in government over the earth makes 7, and when you do likewise and multiply it, it makes 12. Wow, okay. But in 7, which is the number that is so heavily laden in Revelation you cannot go past the first chapter without encountering 7. Seven Spirits; 7 churches; what else do we have, 7 golden candlesticks. We have a lot of 7′s just in the first go-round, 7 stars. What is this going to do for you? It’s going to make you understand that it’s not, when people say 7 is the number of completeness, which it is, and sometimes it’s the number of perfection, sometimes, but it’s also the number of rest, Sabbath.

Let me read these to you. Starting at the beginning, starting at the beginning of the Bible. Do you know how many 7′s are in the Bible? Okay, here we go. The Sabbath, the beginning of the book, 7 days in Genesis; the Sabbath rest, Exodus 22 – I’m not even going to give you the Scriptural references – an animal couldn’t be sacrificed until it was at least 7 days old.

We have the Feast of Unleavened Bread 7 days; we have the 7-fold sprinkling of the blood used on the Day of Atonement; Noah entered the Ark 7 days; Jacob worked 7 years for Rachel; Jacob bowing 7 times before Esau; Pharaoh’s 7 years of plenty and 7 of famine; 7 days, 7 trumpets around Jericho; Solomon’s Temple 7 years. I don’t think I need to go through the whole spiel with you, you get the idea and most of you read your Bible.

Pastor Melissa Scott shows us that it’s not just your coffee table cup holder place, so I don’t have to go really too far in that. So when we get to the numbers in here, I mean things that are so commonly taken for granted for, we see Jesus walking among what the King James reads “The candlesticks” which is terrible because there were not candlesticks, in those days there were lamps with oil 7-prong, walking between 7 candlesticks with 7 prongs, the number 49 which is going to mean something, it’s obviously the 7 weeks after the Passover before Pentecost. There are so many symbolic meanings in here that it’s like “Whew, time out.”

The Gods by Pastor Melissa Scott

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Those who denied being Christians now or in the past, I thought it necessary to release since they invoked our gods according to the formula I gave them,” that’s scary, “and since they offered sacrifices of wine and incense before your image (to the emperor), which I had brought in for this purpose, along with statues of our gods, (plural). I also had them curse Christ. It is said the real Christians cannot be forced to do any of these things. Other charges by this accusation at first admitted that they once had been Christians but had already renounced it. They had been in fact Christians and had given it up.” They never were if they did. “Some of them, 3 years ago, some even earlier, some as far back as 25 years ago.

All of these worshipped your image and statues of the gods and cursed Christ. They verified however that their entire guilt or error consisted in the fact that on specified day before sunrise, they were accustomed to gather and sing hymns to Christ as their God and to pledge themselves by oath to not engage in any crime, but abstain from all thievery, assault, adultery, and to not break their word once they’d given it, and to not refuse to pay their legal debts.” That’s why they were punished. “They then went in their separate ways, came together later to eat a common meal; ordinary, harmless food.

Pastor Melissa Scott tells us that they discontinued even this practice in accordance with my edict by which I had forbidden political association in accord with your instructions. I consider it all the more necessary to obtain by torture a confession of the truth of two female slaves who call themselves deaconess’. I found nothing more vulgar; excessive superstition,” period. “I thus adjure further hearings, in order to seek counsel from you. The matter seems to me in good need of counsel, especially in view of the large number of accused.

For many of every age, class and both sexes are in danger of prosecution both now and in the future. The plague of this superstition has spread not only to the cities but villages and countrysides, but I believe a stop can be made and a remedy provided.” By the way, the same demon that inhabited the mind of Adolph Hitler lived in this mind. “In any case, it is now quite clear that the temples, almost deserted previously are gradually gaining more and more visitors. The long neglected sacred festivals are gaining regular observation and the sacrificial meat for which buyers have been hard to find is again being purchased.

The Generations of Noah by Pastor Melissa Scott

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I am just going to read them, and not write them, to you. Here we have the Greek, gracia, the Spanish gracia; we have the French grace; they all, even the Latin, where is the Latin I am looking for gratiam. They all say ‘grace.’ It’s not… we need to be able to make a definition between ‘favor’ and ‘grace’ because I could find ‘favor’ with you; I could go and find ‘favor’ with someone but with God ‘grace must find me.’ I am entering a sphere of ‘unmerited favor.’ This is probably a subject we could exhaust for a very, very long time. I don’t do it justice to just jump over it, but I want to make the point quickly and move on.

Pastor Melissa Scott tells us that the Greek: “Noah de yuri, charin” – there is your word for grace charin before kurio tou theo and we have an anomaly here; this is from the Septuagint text. We have an anomaly; that is, the Hebrew text only reads “Yahweh; the Septuagint reads “LORD God; and the Coptic followed suit with this “LORD God; and this word here ney for ‘mercy’ or ‘pity,  and not ‘grace.’ This is the same you can see: Noah de but or and; “And Noah, he found…” the Coptic Boheric and so on. You can see the parallels from the Septuagint to the Boheric, same thing. They all have the common denominator to show ‘grace.’

The problem is when we read the text, we read: “Noah found grace in the eyes of the LORD.” I wish the King James would have put this as ‘Grace found Noah’ because as we looked last week ‘grace’ was before the law was. And oft times this is just passed over. What did he do? What did Noah do to be singled out? “Many are called, few are chosen.” What did Noah do to deserve being called and finding ‘grace’? He did nothing.

Now a lot of people want to bend the text, and listen, it says “These are the generations of Noah: Noah was a just man” – sedeqa I am sure you are familiar with that word, so I need to kind of get the frame of reference here. It’s not that he was a ‘just man, if you could get the analogy or the frame of reference he was a ‘right man’ and he was not perfect in his generations because there was never a perfect person. He was as ‘goodly’ or as ‘right a person’ for this evil time he lived in.

Now I could just pluck this out and say this could be the text for today. It’s not. That you could be as good a person without thinking about law or ‘do or don’t do, for the time you live in. In other words nowadays we would say, “Well you do the best you can” as a type. Noah was not engaging in whatever was going on that was so bad, so he was as good as he could be for his time. But here is the most important line of all, “Noah walked with God.” There is only one other person before him that did it and that’s Enoch.

The Word by Pastor Melissa Scott

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That being true, the same spirit that brought a person to Christ, like myself, that same spirit is operating for healing and no one can say any differently because then we fall into this category “well I believe God but only for certain things.” Pastor Melissa Scott tells us that if you’re that type of a believer I can tell you, you fit into the category of lukewarm. Let me show you something. This sentence here “blind, to set at liberty them that are bruised”, they just added it in. If you look at your piece of paper there I left a blank space, missing from the text and I underlined and said, “This is not in the text.” Because this is not in the text “to set at liberty them that are bruised.” It’s just not in the text. Does it lessen God’s word? Absolutely not.

This is why, I thought, I have to do this but I don’t want somebody saying “Well then how do we know about the rest of God’s word? Believe you me, if you’ve been around you know that if there’s some error we’re going to find it, we’re going to fix it and everybody’s going to say “Well this is what the Scripture says. Now I can stand firm on what God has revealed to us.”

Here we have the word for, I’m just going to skip ahead because I’m going to run short of time, we have this word here that is the word being translated “blind.” That word does mean blind with no sight, no natural sight. But it has a double meaning, spiritually blind. Why do I say that? Again, I’ve looked, I’ve researched it so you’re just going to have to take my word, it has a two fold meaning because of the word that comes after it, anablespsin. Ana, upward. Remember the word analusios to release upward. Here’s that prefix, up and this word here at the middle blespsin from blespoe to see, to see upward, to look upward.

So we have here giving sight to the blind but looking upward. The word, this word here is used of smoke, cloud in your vision. It is opaqueness of vision, not necessarily to have complete loss of sight. It is spiritual eyesight.  Giving eyesight and if you want to put it on blind eyes, spiritually or naturally, lifted up.