All About Symbols by Pastor Melissa Scott

June 11, 2010 · Posted in Pastor Melissa Scott 

He had a dream. In his dream, he dreamt that he saw the crescent moon and stars reaching over to the far ends of the earth and stretching as far as they could. So he took it as a good omen, took it to his dynasty and the rest is history. It was never associated with death or dying and, in fact, if we want to take the Roman history, which is always a little torque the wrong way. They claim that claimed that sign when they defeated the Goths, which is way, way back there, because they won that victory in the first calendar, the first lunar cycle, which would have been the crescent moon.

Whatever, however you want to slice it, there’s no death attached to this sign. And of course, if we tackle the Buddhist realm you can’t even get to it from that corner. The Buddhist symbolism, the lotus flower; blooming and full bloom lotus flower, you always see Buddha, he’s either on the flower or he’s holding a flower. The flower is tied to the Padma, which in Sanskrit and the other languages that revolve around that faith; it means mental and spiritual purity attached to the wheel of life.

Now if you talked to the Buddhist in esoteric Buddhism, they will say this flower that came out of the mud that came through the water now opens up and only opens up when Buddha has touched and everything blossoms around this. And then the sun can bask down upon this glorious flower because the life of Buddha has touched this flower. It’s good to not be ignorant and to learn these symbols because when we get to the cross, I can’t find death in the lotus flower, I cannot find death in the crescent moon, I cannot find death in the Star of David or even if you want to go so far as to try and grasp at the Menorah, I find no symbols of death.

Only in this wicked instrument, the cross that we look at today. And I feel much of today’s society can’t even begin to understand Paul’s writing conceptually about the cross for this reason. Because in that time, in the timeframe where crucifixion was practiced even the Romans were scared and it was so reviled and so feared that Roman citizens could not be crucified, even if they’d committed the worst crimes; unless, of course, they committed treason and even then they might receive mercy.


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