A Beginning Bible Study Taught by Pastor Melissa Scott

May 11, 2010 · Posted in Pastor Melissa Scott 

Pastor Melissa Scott is going back behind Romans 5 – of history and time, God makes this perfect alignment. There are no accidents with God. God sends forth His Son,His only begotten Son. At the right intersection of time, God brings forth His Son and there is the first problem for any person who does not read the Bible: the virgin birth. I believe the virgin birth, but I also read the Bible properly and the Bible tells me that after the birth of Jesus, Joseph “knew” his wife. When we get to doctrine, we have to be careful we read this scripture correctly and we make right interpretations, that which is necessary to know. We need to wrap our logical minds around the first miracle: this virgin birth. If that happened, the rest of the story is easy to believe because if that really happened, then I can accept everything else.

Now, I’m not going to do a defense of the Resurrection or a defense of Jesus, I’m going to operate tonight under the assumption that we all accept that Christianity starts with a miracle. If you can’t get over that hurdle, you aren’t going anywhere. It starts with a miracle. Trust me, if you hang around long enough here you’ll hear me talk on every subject. If it’s in the Bible, I’ll take the time to ask the questions and answer the things no one wants to talk about because we shouldn’t be ashamed to investigate and explore this whole book. But let’s go back to this crossroads of history. God had to send His Son, who took a tent of human flesh, so we could behold Him, we could see Him, we could know Him. And He walked the face of the earth with one goal, one mindset, one view when He spoke. He spoke of everything, things eternal, of our heavenly Father, He spoke of all these things, not just with certainty, and not just with absoluteness, but He spoke with authority as one who had inside knowledge (maybe the way I would describe my living room with every detail, because I have been there myself). He spoke of His death and the necessity of laying down His life, so that you and I might live.

There was a whole series of sacrifices that had to be offered in the Old Testament book of Leviticus. Can you imagine, if God hadn’t sent His Son, we’d still be slaying bullocks, can you imagine that? Thank you for sending your Son, the perfect and last sacrifice! We end up with the final solution. You see, after you read about His death, there’s nothing that won’t bring you back to that first place in Genesis, making us see the reality of our condition – and why we need God.


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